For those who are playing the game, I have decided to add a Walkthrough Guide. This game was intended to allow the player to decide where and when they want to do things. The Town is open for exploration although some areas may require progression in the storyline to fully unlock. The following Walkthrough is just how I, the creator, play through the game. You can play and do whatever you want.


Space = Enter/Select

Esc = Cancel/Menu

Arrow Keys = Up, Down, Left, Right

Z = Run



   You begin the game in the home of the main character Lucky. Make sure to explore the room while you get familiar with the controls. Beds are used to Rest and Save the game. Resting will replenish health and mp as well as weapon skill points for free. Anytime you have lost a large amount of health its a good idea to return to your bed and rest. You can find some items to help you get started right in your house. The refrigerator gives you a piece of jerky. Jerky and all other food and drink items will replenish or heal a specific amount of health. If you use a food item during a battle you will gain a bonus increase to one stat for the duraction of the fight. The different foods and types of food determine each unique bonus. So food is important. The closet contains a shirt you can equip. To equip a shirt or any weapon or armor, access the main menu by clicking esc (B) and select Equip. You will also find a sword located to the right of the Nintendo. There's also a potion in the bathroom. After you have equipped your new items and collected the potion and jerky, head out the open door into the apartment building hallway. In the hallway you will find a vending machine where you can acquire cheap healing items in the form of candy and snacks. From your apartment door head left and then left again to exit the building and begin your adventure into Kush Quest

   As you exit the apartment building you will be bombarded by a P.I.G.S. Officer. He asks if you have seen a Fugitive that resembles Chong. You will encounter a tutorial on the battle system as you walk away from the apartment. As part of the tutorial you will fight a sample weak enemy. The first thing you may notice as you exit the apartment area is the Police Pig cars parked outside. The town is on lock down and for the time being you will be confined to only Amethyst Town. Some of the stores and homes will be inaccessible until you progress the story a little but you are free to explore the town and check out the Vons Market and Weapon store. The park is the only place you will need to worry about encountering enemies for the time being. You will need to move through the park slowly. Starting near your apartment. The park is designed as a training area. As you progress through the park the enemies will become harder. The key is to level up in the park and explore while discovering equipment and items stashed in the park sporadically returning to your home to recover needed health. If you follow the story and explore the park you will find the starting equipment you need. The eventual goal is to reach the Well located in the park. This is the entrance to the Sewers. It is advised to at reach level 8-10 before entering the sewers. At level 8 you learn your first useful weapon skill Slash. Slash becomes one of your most important offensive abilities for the next 10 levels. Weapon skills can only be used so many times before you need to rest to replenish them. This is the only way to replenish weapon skill points. Fortunately as you level up the amount of times you can use each weapon skill increases.

   Based on the map above. You will start at the Upper Left corner. Your goal is to reach Toker's hideout in the bottom left corner. Taking a detour off the main path collecting any items you see on the map is recommended. Majority of the right side of the map is closed off by a gate so ignore that area for now. Once you reach the stairs leading down to Toker's hideout a giant rat will charge at you forcing the first boss fight. A few Slashes should do it. You will find a pair of boots before turning the corner into Toker's Hideout. Before you talk to Toker run over to the Bed and Rest and Save your game. Once you are ready talk to Toker. After a few rips Toker is ambushed by the Pigs and you are forced into a battle alongside him. Fortunately all you really have to do is keep yourself alive. Toker will do all the work killing the Pigs. Once you defeat the Pigs, Toker informs you he is forced into hiding in the sewers and needs someone to run errands for him. Your first errand is collecting his bong from the local glass blower. Once you have met Toker the town opens up and many side quests become available. You are still unable to leave Amethyst Town but you can complete all the available quests in town. 

Kush Quest map 1 Amethyst Town 6.6.21.pn