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Get Behind this Ground Breaking, Unique Project and be Ahead of the Game and Your Rivals. Kush Quest is now offering a One of Kind Advertising Partnership and Sponsor Opportunity for Brands looking to advertise themselves to an ever expanding Cannabis Community. Advertise Your 420 Brand or Product in a 420 Video Game through Product Placement, In Game characters and locations, Background Ads and More. Immortalize yourself or Brand in a Weed Video Game. 

I want to feature all Real Local Brands in my game and Help Spread the word about Brands that have Quality Products. Your Concentrate, Edible, or Genetics brand etc can be a Useable item in the game. Your Team can be Vendors in a shop selling your stuff in the game. We can even do something simple like naming an area after your brand or placing your logo as Graffiti on a wall in the background, or a Poster in a Character's Home. There's lots of fun possibilities.

In game Items can be used for many Purposes including healing health, boosting stats and learning cool new attacks. We also have a Unique System where once you own property with room for growing weed you can Cultivate your own. You do Quests to Unlock Different Strains, Purchase and Upgrade Equipment and Hire Grow Consultants. You can even Craft Your crops into Edibles and Concentrates. 

Those interested in discussing future partnerships please feel free to email me. 


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