Download my first Cannabis Cook Book "The Basics" for Free!

The basics covers making Cannabis Butter, and Cannabis Tincture made from Vegetable Glycerin and Alcohol. 

Past Projects

Gummy Candy

Our Original Signature Edibles are one of everyone's favorite old sweets. We started with Gummy Bears but have expanded over the years into many different seasonal and themed shapes.

Dank Drank Drops

Our Delicious Unique Flavored Pocket Tinctures are perfect for anyone, whether your sneaking edibles at work or looking for a bed time sleep aid.

Scented CBD Lotions

We use some the highest CBD count strains to make our Artisan Scented CBD Lotions. They are great for everyday skin care or healing sore muscles.

CannaRum Jerky 

We age infuse Quality topshelf Cannabis with Rum 151 to create a Marinade like no other. Then we soak Steak in the marinade for 24 hours allowing for maximum absorption.

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