Lately When I am not working, I spend majority of my time working on my video game I am designing Independently. I'm on a mission. I believe in myself. This game is a vision, a story I have perfected in my head for 20 years. For the last 10 years my day job is so boring I think about this game in my head all day every day. Writing scripts. Imagining characters and settings. I am that crazy. My brain has so much storage. I have spent my life collecting characters and personalities. 90% of the games characters are based on real people that I have encountered in my life. Many of the main characters are based on the collection of best friends I have had at different times in my life, some I don't even talk to anymore. People that were mean to me or fucked me over at one point or another are the villains. This is actually very therapeutic. School Crushes, Girlfriends and Past Loves play Love interests, and female main characters. This game is my masterpiece and a personal project...


Kush Quest is my 420 Culture Inspired Indie RPG video game that will eventually be available for FREE on PC and Android. I am designing and writing the game myself with some influences from Classics like Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Star Wars, and Grand Theft Auto. My game is no Visual Masterpiece but the Story and Game Concepts are Unbelievable. I am always interested in having new Testers and feedback. I reward those who regularly help me with a small character in the game made in their likeness (within reason).  



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