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About Dankerfader


 If you asked me what my specialty is, what I bring to the table on a project. I could list a resume of accomplishments and traits that make me excellent for almost any job, but my true skill or ability is Problem Solving. I bring hope to projects that seem hopeless. 

 At a young age I was found to have an above average IQ. I wasn't really a huge fan of school. I hated doing homework and I spent a lot of time ditching class and smoking weed in high school. I was enamored with movies like the Godfather and foolishly believed I would become a successful weed dealer/mafia godfather with an Empire when I finished school. 

I ended up getting arrested my senior year and I spent my final school year in Independent Study dealing with my court case. It took me many years to get over my arrest and move on with my life but eventually I did. I grew up and became an important employee for my father's business painting homes. 

However painting homes is actually quite boring and over the years I have taken on many side projects.

Jordan Liverpool.jpg

My first Successful side project was working as a promoter for a Nightclub near LAX Airport. My girlfriend at the time was a Professional Dominatrix and we spent majority of our weekends being VIPs at her work's nightclub for free. The club was formally one of the most successful clubs in the US until a disgruntled employee burned the venue down, killing the owner in the flames. After many years the club was rebuilt and reopened under a new name and ownership but failed to live up to the success of the previous management. Most weekends it was dead with a low attendance.

 In an attempt to make use of un booked nights the venue owner decided to give her Dominatrix employees the chance to each promote and manage their own event. My girlfriend was given a date close to her birthday so we decided to throw a birthday party for her at the night club. If no one showed up and we made no money at least we could throw an awesome birthday party. We had 3 months to prepare. My girlfriend was convinced we didn't know how to properly advertise (we had no experience) and no one would show up.


I was on a mission. I was going to take this opportunity and make something of it. I didn't have someone to show me how or to teach me the ways to advertise events properly. I brainstormed my own strategy. I put myself in the mind frame of the customer. I researched statistics when people went online and planned my advertisements around those times of day and week. I found targeted groups that I felt would be interested in our event. I busted my ass. Everyday I searched online for anywhere I could post events. I was planting as many seeds as possible with the expectations only a few would grow. I started what would years later become a social media empire.

 It turned out to be one of the most successful events in the history of the venue. Shortly after our first successful event the venue owner asked if we would be interested in helping out her most unsuccessful recurring event Club Indulgence. Club Indulgence was a members only club where many of the rules were relaxed. People could literally have consensual sex at these events.  

We took on the challenge but as soon as the woman who was currently running Club Indulgence heard we were asked to help she threw a fit and refused to work with us. She said we were unorganized and our events were pure Anarchy. The venue owner decided to allow us to do our own members only event on a separate night. We called it Club Anarchy. 

 That was 2012 and aside from a brief hiatus during the pandemic Club Anarchy still happens every month. I can honestly say I am the one of if not the most successful promoter in the history of the venue. My advertising tactics were once compared to guerilla warfare. "He's got ads popping out of bushes and shit!"


Many of my event promoting rivals had not met me in person and theorized I was a computer program designed to advertise fetish events. That's how relentless I was. At one point at the height of my social media empire I commanded my fleet of 10 social media accounts across different mediums amassing a following over 20,000 people. 


During the United States Economic recession my father's small business was struggling. He was heartbroken when he was forced to lay off 80% of his employees. It got so bad at one point, it was literally my father who should be retired and myself doing the work of 5 guys.


I decided to try some of my skills I had learned advertising events to try and help my Dad. I modernized his business with a website and was one of the first in his industry to have social media. Now they all do it. I improved my father's billing and bidding practices. We went from hand scribbled notes to professional proposals and invoices sent through emails.


Any clients who had been taking advantage of my dad's lack of organization to get freebies or pay him less then he deserved had to learn fast I was not putting up with bullshit. 


My success helping my dad led to us turning around our business. We rehired everyone, even a few new guys. We now work with many luxury hotels, multi million dollar beach front homes and even the LA Zoo.


I became an official medical marijuana patient in 2007 when I was 20 years old and never looked back. At the time it was actually a huge pain in the ass to get a medical card. Now you can order it online. I had some experience growing "backyard buds" with some friends but nothing serious or on a large scale.


My girlfriend worked in Downtown L.A. and often needed a second rider to use the car pool lane and avoid horrendous traffic. She would go to work and I would just kind of roam the neighborhoods like an idiot. I was allowed to hang out at her work some days but not all day. I would pass the time checking out different dispensaries in the area that were listed on Weed Maps.  

I spent many years traveling around LA with my girlfriend finding the best weed for the best prices at different dispensaries. This was the Cannabis Renaissance in the peak of Prop 215 with more pot shops in LA then Starbucks coffee shops.   





 My knowledge of popular strains ended up getting me in as a helper at a real large scale medical marijuana grow operation. While working at the BDSM club I had befriended the club's head of security. Every week I would give him a few nugs of whatever weed strain I was currently smoking.  Finally one day he tells me he grows weed and to come by his spot sometime. I had no idea I had spent the last few months auditioning for my dream job.

My security guard friend took me under his wing and treated me like his younger brother mentoring me. My time spent exploring different dispensaries and my genuine search for high quality bud for personal use had helped me become skilled at picking out trendy strains that people wanted. I was soon assigned with the extra task of finding the strains to be grown in our garden.


I can honestly say I was involved in the mass production of the popular cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookie. It was my scouting that alerted some of the best local growers to the strains potential. That strain became this huge fad every shop had it every poser pot head wanted it. Most people never even had the true purple and gold. 

 After some successful harvests and a disagreement with the landlord my mentor was forced to downsize and change location. We started a smaller grow operation together in a warehouse each paying an equal share of the rent. My mentor owned a cannabis edible company and worked part time in a shop that sold growing equipment and "sponsored" our grow operation.


If I am honest with you I didn't learn a ton about growing. My mentor more focused on teaching me ways to make money off weed. He shared cannabis extract making secrets with me. We made edibles together. 

Eventually we had a falling out and went our separate ways. Cannabis was starting to become the new California gold rush and with legalization on the horizon a wealthy investor became interested in our grow operation. At first he hired my mentor to build a grow operation on one of his properties. Then he hired my mentor to run it. Then he wanted our spot as well.


 The investor wanted to pay my mentor generous monthly wages to run the two locations but saw me and my strain knowledge not essential to the future of the project. When he bought us out and paid for all new equipment, my mentor kept lowering my share of the harvest. I understand seniority and experience count but I had put a lot of money and work into this project and I deserved better.

He also had a bit of a drinking problem and would completely forget about tasks he had told me to do the day before. The next day he would have an attitude as if I had done something wrong or gone rouge and all I had done was what he had told me to. 

Young men looking to do free labor to get into the CA Cannabis Industry are dime a dozen in Los Angeles and I was replaceable. In the end the situation became so uncomfortable I just quit. Like an idiot I ended up walking away with nothing but lessons learned. 



 I went on to try various other side projects in the Cannabis Industry including A 420 Review website. My honest opinions made some people unhappy. I always purchased the products like a secret shopper not warning people I was a reviewer to ensure a real experience and I wrote genuine reviews. I wasn't being bribed or feeling obligated to write positive feedback for someone who gave me freebies because No one knew who I really was or what I looked like. I helped several dispensaries promote via social media. These were mainly places I felt had decent prices and good stuff and deserved my help. Over the years it lost appeal due to online sabotage or lack of appreciation but the talent is still there.



I always continued to make cannabis edibles for personal and friends. I learned some of the best ways to make edibles from my mentor and then over the years I have perfected his methods and added my own techniques from experience and  online research.


In 2016 I begin packaging and selling my edibles to the California Medical Marijuana Community. I partnered with my longtime girlfriend Mistress Tetra to form Tetra's Tasties. Although her name was on the label I was the brains behind the project like all our businesses. Tetra actually attended Culinary school and was an amazing cook. Together we made a good team.


Eventually after 8 long years together Mistress Tetra and I parted ways. This effectively ended my involvement with Club Anarchy our BDSM Club. This also ended our partnership making edibles. It has been a few years since I was involved with Club Anarchy, but you never know, with a Pandemic killing the fetish scene, we might need another hero to step up and make awesome events again. 

I still make cannabis edibles by myself but due to California law changes from the passing of prop 64 I no longer sell them in the legal cannabis market. In 2020 during the Corona Virus Pandemic I purchased a rosin press and began making my own solvent less cannabis concentrates. I'm still perfecting the process but there's been one or two promising results.

When I was in high school, a friend of mine and myself used to draw a comic book about two stoners that go to a magical world and fight evil pigs dressed as police. I got grounded for 6 months that year for bad grades and smoking weed. In my time grounded I learned how to make video games from a free online tutorial. My game was based on our stoner comic. 

10 years later I went back to my roots and created a new game based on my original with influences from the comic. The software I used to use 20 years ago has had many upgrades over the years and I too have improved my programing skills. Kush Quest is the first Fantasy Role Playing adventure game that roots itself in cannabis culture. I would describe it as Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Star Wars, Grand Theft Auto and an ounce of weed mixed in a blender. That's Kush Quest.  

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